New COVID-19 Protocols and Equipment we have added to our office:

In the interest of social distancing, we are asking patients to give our office a call when they arrive and we will come out and get them while they wait inside their car. Once inside the office; patient’s temperature and oxygen saturation level will be checked, COVID-19 questionnaire will need to be filled out. Patients are given an anti-viral pre-rinse before any dental procedures.

We have installed the Sanuvox Ultraviolet Air Purification System. This UVC germicidal air sterilization system sterilizes the air through our central air ventilation unit.

We also have three Surgically Clean Air Jade medical grade air purifiers that kill viruses, bacteria, and fungus every minute through the 3 level filtration system placed strategically throughout our office.

Additionally, we have 6 medical grade HEPA filters which further purifies the air throughout our office. On top of all this, we have 2 Pax 2000 machines, they are ultra-high speed external dental suction machines with built in UVC germicidal abilities to mitigate the spread of aerosols.

While using the ultrasonic machine and or polishing we will be using an additional intraoral high speed suction Ivory Re-leaf system in addition to using the Pax 2000 external suction machine to reduce aerosols. Furthermore, every team member has their own temperature and oxygen saturation level checked and questionnaire filled out before work each day. We are covered from head to toe in PPEs from face shields, N95 masks and hair coverings. We also have protective shield plexiglass at the front desk. Rest assured that we are taking every precaution to keep all of our patients and staff safe.