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Implant Dentistry

Dr. Cassidy offers dental implant treatments to help your smile to look natural and beautiful. You can now smile with confidence with dental implants.

Dental implants are a restorative dentistry option that allows our patients to replace missing teeth with ones that look, feel, and perform like their own.  They are titanium anchors that mimic the shape and contours of the root of a natural tooth. Once integrated into the jaw, the implant can serve as the anchor for the replacement of missing teeth or help to stabilize and support a denture. In addition, implants can help preserve facial structure, preventing bone deterioration that occurs when teeth are missing.

Dental implants can provide a level of self confidence that dentures, bridges and other options for tooth replacement can not. The person who has lost teeth regains the ability to chew properly and can smile with confidence. Eating, smiling and speaking are as normal as with natural teeth.

Implants have helped millions of people regain the confidence they once took for granted. Whether you’re missing a single tooth or require a complete set of teeth, you owe it to yourself to talk to Dr. Cassidy about the many benefits implants can offer.

Same Day Dental Implants

Is it really possible to have dental implants placed and get a set of new teeth on the same day?

YES! In certain carefully selected and planned cases, Dr. Cassidy and an Implant Surgeon are able to work together to offer this life changing service.

Do you have a loved one who has trouble wearing their dentures? There are many possibilities! Existing dentures can be secured with dental implants for a new smile to be created that allows your loved ones to smile and chew with confidence.

For any dental implant related questions or to schedule an appointment, please call us at 703.370.2333 or email us, and our staff will be happy to assist you.

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